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About Us

Since 1982 Prairie Paving has been serving Saskatoon and surrounding area. We are recognized as experts in commercial, industrial and rural/municipal paving and can handle all aspects of the job including site preparation and excavating, base placing and paving. During the paving season we have 35 employees and through our strong employee retention program we retain many industry veterans. This gives us the skills and knowledge to complete the most complex of projects to the highest standards.

Prairie Paving is committed to forging new relationships as well as maintaining our existing relationships with Saskatchewan’s top contractors, cities and municipalities. Due to Prairie Paving’s growth we purchased our own asphalt plant in 2013. This enables us to produce and supply not only ourselves but other asphalt contractors and the City of Saskatoon with the high quality asphalt mix they require. With our ongoing expansions we are always looking for key individuals to join our team and contribute to Prairie Paving’s success and growth within the industry.

Office Address
133 Wakooma St
Saskatoon, SK 
S7R 0Y0

Plant Site Address
340 68th St
Saskatoon, SK 
S7P 0E3

+1 (306) 343-0407